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One of the functions of the monitor is to change the capabilities of the smart system. For example, changing the season requires the duration of the lighting system to be changed, or the hours of arrival and departure to re-establish the heating and cooling system. For this reason, Hugsa's Intelligent House has come up with compact and compact videos to provide cumbersome training on intelligent system settings.

 To download the educational video, click the icons in the settings page (first row) here.

 To download the educational video, click the icons in the Settings page (second line) here.

 To download the movie scenario click here.

 To download movie scenarios click here.

 To download educational video remote & phone cick here.

 To download the heating and cooling training video click here.

 To download educational videos on page 2 of the settings click here.





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Intelligent House Hegsa a designer and implementer of intelligent building systems in 2006, began its activities in the field of intelligent residential, commercial, office, hotel and educational and cultural centers. The pivotal goals of this group are to increase the safety, security and well-being of residents of the building as well as a modern structure to optimize energy consumption and prevent it from being wasted.


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