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By using repetitive events at home and assuming the set of commands, the template scenario happens with just one hint.


With the use of a system for detecting theft, gas leakage, fire and warning messages, it is important to enhance the safety of people at home.


In the implementation and use of intelligent systems there is no constraint on the control of facilities and there is the possibility of design based on the needs of the project

energy saving

Depending on the lighting system and the ventilation system, the presence of individuals and the optimization of room temperature at different hours of the day

Hegsa Smart Homes Facilities (BMS)

Smart home, smart living

  • Security and security features in this system are the notification of theft, fire alert, gas leak, gas valve, siren
  • Card reader, magnetic card, electric lock to open the door, interrupt the alarm and activate the presence scenario.
  • You can use the system to set the desired lamp in automatic mode. In this case, when you enter any space, the light will automatically turn on and it will turn off after it's exited.
  • You can control this system through phone control, smartphone control, text messaging, remote control and.
  • With control of all cooling and heating systems, you have the temperature of each part of the house on the corresponding touch screen.
  • You can control the building engine room at any level. The lowest level of control includes an intelligent output and is used to turn off and turn on the remote
  • One or more monitors can be used to monitor the state of the HSE system and make adjustments or control of the consumer.
  • With this system, you can transfer any movie, photo or music from your cellphone wirelessly to the system and experience the pleasure of using a smart home.

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about us

Intelligent House Hegsa a designer and implementer of intelligent building systems in 2006, began its activities in the field of intelligent residential, commercial, office, hotel and educational and cultural centers. The pivotal goals of this group are to increase the safety, security and well-being of residents of the building as well as a modern structure to optimize energy consumption and prevent it from being wasted.


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